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What will your bold stroke say about you?

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We are an international creative agency using

the power of art and technology to tell stories

with meaning, connect people with purpose and inspire change through impactful communication.

At the Bold Stroke, we turn

the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

What will your bold stroke say about you?


We offer a unique 360° approach that combines creative thinking, innovative strategy and advanced technology to launch and sustain impactful creative campaigns and clear brand communications.


Our services include creative strategy, brand identity, influencer marketing, digital and social communication, cinematographic production and more.


Our team tailors to a diverse global portfolio of clients across a variety of sectors.

We are passionate about our clients and our work.

We believe in shared successes at all levels, placing value not only on the output of each brief but the creativity and fun along the way.


Our strategic partnership with CDMstudios, an award-winning production agency, enables us to provide top-of-the-line production services at competitive rates.

With a cinematographic-first approach, CDMstudios ensures our creative content can live across any media.


Don’t be shy, we love meeting new people. 

Say hello and we’ll be sure to say hi back!

+39 351 566 7517 | +39 393 904 6993

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