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We are an international creative agency using the power of art and technology to tell stories with meaning, connect people with purpose and inspire change through impactful communication. We believe in the power of simplicity, in the art of creativity and in the memorability of authenticity. 


In leveraging the history of art and the future of augmented reality, we merge the best of both worlds, giving life to new forms of communication. Thanks to our global network of artists, creators and storytellers, we offer a unique 360° approach, turning unimaginable ideas into tangible realities.  We understand the weight that every action bears, the power that a single stroke can carry. That final touch, that iconic color or that bold mark is what sets a brand apart and makes a message stand out, turning a piece of art into a true masterpiece.  

In essence, every form of communication is merely the result of a creative thought and its effective grounding: a unique work of art that captures the attention of those it reaches. More so than ever, communication isn’t about speaking to people, but connecting with them. And this is precisely what sets us apart: we capture audiences through meaningful, relatable content with a simple yet attractive scope, sparking empathy and inspiring humanity at the glance of an eye. 

At The Bold Stroke, we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

What will your bold stroke say about you?

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