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We are an international creative agency using the power of art and technology to tell stories with meaning, connect people with purpose and inspire change through impactful communication. Our global network of artists, creators and storytellers

enables us to turn unimaginable ideas into tangible realities at 360°.

At the Bold Stroke, we believe successful storytelling is the result of a creative thought and its effective grounding: a unique work of art that captures the attention of those it reaches. We capture audiences through meaningful, relatable content with a simple yet attractive scope, sparking empathy and inspiring humanity at the glance of an eye. 

At the Bold Stroke, we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

What will your bold stroke say about you?


Our creative hub brings together industry experts and emerging talents, giving birth to a dynamic digital ecosystem.

We merge The Arts, innovative communication and advanced technology in a unique melting pot of artists, creators and entrepreneurs, driving the creative engine behind the Bold Stroke. 

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